SG200 Space Computer Selected as Semifinalist for NASA iTech Cycle 3

NASA ITech_announcement

Current and future spacecrafts require much more robust and affordable space-rated computers than are currently available on the market. The Business Integra Technology Solutions (BI Tech) SG200 project will leverage experience and hardware design from heritage systems (existing ISS Flight Hardware and the SG100 TRL-9 ISS payload hardware) to build a deep-space environment capable radiation tolerant single board computer…

NATO NIAS 2017 Cyber conference


  “Cyber-attacks can be as dangerous as conventional attacks. They can shut down important infrastructure. They can have a great negative impact on our operations… We are prepared for attacks that might happen in the future. Cyber-attack is something which is happening every day. And we are responding every day to different kinds of cyber-attacks.” – NATO Secretary General…

Business Integra as a AS9100 Rev D company


BI is happy to report that we have successfully completed certification as an AS9100 Rev D company. This certification is another vital stepping stone as we build our Aerospace Science, Engineering and Technology Division. The certification shows that we have proven Aerospace hardware certification and quality standards.