Enterprise Architecture

Organizing people, processes, technologies, and tools is no small task. Business Integra prides itself on providing vital support in the enterprise architecture (EA) arena, for major initiatives for high-profile clients.

Enterprise Architecture for the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy Installations Command (CNIC) supports our Navy’s fleets, fighters, and families, and reports directly to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon. CNIC is tasked with providing consistent, effective, and efficient shore services to the entire naval fleet. The work affects Navy Headquarters, 11 regions, and 71 installations both CONUS and OCONUS. Business Integra has been charged with providing wide-ranging EA solutions such as online policies, IT governance, IT environments, the IT portfolio repository, licensing agreements, application consolidation, and procurements. As part of the EA and Portfolio Management efforts, we collect and analyze artifacts, interview stakeholders, and derive the high-level data groups called data subject areas. We have started to classify data based on the FEA Data Reference and DODAF models. Based on these analyses, we are establishing the NCIC Data Management that helps us drive the data transformation. We provide analytical, technical, and management support that entails developing, implementing, and continuously improving a standardized, compliant, synchronized EA framework that links business, data, infrastructure, applications, technology, and security. This framework documents “as is” and “to be” standards and efforts. We support a DoD IT Portfolio Repository, a Navy Annual Review System, the Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) program, procurement documentation, and other information efforts. We stand ready to implement the vision and mission of the U.S. Navy and are proud to organize data and systems which allow our military to operate more efficiently.