Space to Ground – Successful UTTPS installation

Space to ground Successful UTTPS Installation


NASA astronauts successfully completed UTTPS installation last week! Many congratulations to Business Integra Houston team on a job well done after 4 years of work to complete this critical mission. For those of you who are interested in the end impact of our advanced engineering group’s work, please visit at and watch this  short video (11 minutes) that puts our work in context of the NASA science with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) data. Ken Bollweg, who is the current project manager for AMS, provides a layman’s explanation of what the work is all about and its impact. Below are few of our UTTPS launch moments and Business Integra is proudly sharing those moments with you:

Luca installing the EVA Data Cable designed, built and tested by BI


A beautifully contrasted selfie by Luca


Luca installing the EVA Power Cable designed, built and tested by Business Integra


A great picture showing the Mechanical Attach Device (designed, built and tested by BI) as well as the EVA Data and Power Cables as Drew Morgan waves hi! This is before the UTTPS install.