The real deal in Machine Learning: Producing a true mission advantage.



The real deal in Machine Learning: Producing a true mission advantage.

Despite all the recent attention that my co-author, ChatGPT is getting, per Gartner, 85% of Machine Learning (ML) projects fail –and the trend is expected to continue for a few more years. CIOs and business leaders are wound around all the social media hype and overselling by vendors. In reality, AI/ ML projects require thoughtful planning, a relevant technical framework, trainable data sets, and a process that is deliberate about expected features v. actual outcomes, backed by a fast, iterative path to push the latter closer to the former.

MLOps is a set of practices and tools that aims to make ML deployment and maintenance more efficient and effective.
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Bälaji Ramanujam is the Senior Vice President of Technology for Business Integra. His background as a CIO/CTO serves him well as he drives customer experience, exponential growth, and enterprise value by leveraging technology, operational controls and enterprise optimization. His work delivers integrated performance of emerging technology and legacy systems, and he employs AI/ML, Mobile, Cloud, Lean Startup, OKR, Agile, DevSecOps, CI/CD to drive engineering, product delivery and governance across globally scalable solutions. Bälaji serves BI customers with his proven ability to share business and technical vision, gain board and executive support, champion new UX concepts, and partner with functional teams and business units while driving toward a common purpose.

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