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Safeguarding citizen equity.

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We work closely with federal clients to integrate advanced technologies to successfully future-proof their most critical missions.

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BI’s AI Advisory ensures that governance standards, and agency-specific concerns are prioritized, enabling efficient, and secure operations in complex environments.

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BION GenAI Foundry

Designed to transform the way the federal government delivers its mission and protects its citizens, BION accelerates mission delivery with AI, while safeguarding rights, safety, and environmental and cultural equities.


Cloud Transformation & IT Modernization

Experience the power of our comprehensive IT modernization and cloud transformation range to revolutionize your business.


Information Operations & Security

Radically transform your approach to cyber operations by strengthening your organizational resiliency in the face of operational stresses and attacks.


Critical Mission Support

Harness the power of our rich experience in support of agency missions – and empower your organization with streamlined operations and unmatched efficiency.


Science & Engineering

Unlock science & engineering breakthroughs by leveraging Business Integra’s specialized capabilities to propel your mission to new heights.

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BI is a woman/minority-owned, large business, headquartered in Maryland with diverse, federal contracting teams operating around the U.S. and the globe.