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Information Operations & Security

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Radically transform your organizational approach to cyber operations. Our experts work with you to strengthen resilience to foresee, endure, bounce back, and adapt in the face of continuous, sophisticated cyber operational stresses and attacks.

Dominate your organization’s information landscape.

BI carries out research, advancement, improvement, and amalgamation of cyber capabilities through intelligence, sophisticated processing, data science, smart algorithms, and artificial intelligence technology. This enhances data comprehension, sensor integration, and superior feature extraction, leading to methods, algorithms, and tools that swiftly extract valuable information for “actionable intelligence” from the vast amount of data produced.

Services include executing technology templating, technology forecasting, and trade studies to evaluate where future opportunities could produce targets of interest to the operational community.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again, to protect your assets.

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Threat Intelligence

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Insider Threat Deterrence

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Security Automation

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Enterprise Architecture

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Cyber Operations

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Zero Trust

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Cyber Data Lakehouse

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Vulnerability Management

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Data Science: AI/ML/NLP

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Alert Fatigue Remediation

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Agile Development

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Privacy Compliance

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SOC Optimization

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Threat Hunting & Forensics

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Risk Management

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ITIL Operations & Maintenance

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Cyber Advisory

“Thank you for sticking with it until the root issue was discovered. This issue has plagued ESO Brussels for a long time and now we have a clear understanding and path forward.”

– DOS Client

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