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A revolutionary case management system for the child welfare system.
Designed by case workers – for case workers.

State child welfare case management professionals struggle with the lack of consistency and integration in their existing systems.

The fragmented nature of state, federal, and tribal practices and requirements complicate their tasks.

Add in outdated technology that limits their ability to work efficiently both in the field and the office, and you have the perfect storm of negative impacts on the children and their respective families.

CaseVault Case Management Overview

This tool gives child welfare workers seamless access to an agile case management tool that they can use on the go, so they can improve family lives and keep children safer.

CaseVault was built with a scalable, modular and configurable approach, using Salesforce Public Sector solutions, to deliver consistency and integration while meeting relevant requirements. With mobile technology, and an intuitive user interface, child welfare workers can be productive and efficient in both the field and the office.

The CaseVault case management tool has been built and vetted by our team of experts, who  boast a collective 150 years of hands-on, subject matter experience!

Product Features

Rules Engine - CaseVault

Rules Engine

Centralized and Enriched Telemetry

Centralized & Enriched Telemetry

Zero Trust Automation and Orchestration

Zero Trust Automation & Orchestration

Improved Threat Intelligence

Improved Threat Intelligence

Improved Incident Response Times

Improved Incident Response Times

Faster Data Ingestion at Petabyte Scale

Faster Data Ingestion at Petabyte Scale

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