About Us

Business Integra Technology Solutions, Inc. (“Business Integra” or “BI”) is an award-winning certified woman-owned business, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and an Inc. 500-recognized global provider of information technology (IT), cybersecurity, aeronautic engineering, scientific solutions, and mission support services. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, BI now has more than 400 employees primarily serving civilian and military agencies within the Federal Government. We are certified as CMMI® Maturity Level 5 for Services and CMMI® Maturity Level 5 for Development. Our portfolio of certifications also includes ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems); ISO 20000 (IT Service Management Systems); ISO 27001(Information Security Management Systems); and AS9100D for the development of aerospace hardware. BI follows best practices from Lean Six Sigma, the Project Management Institute (PMI), and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). We have mission-critical clients and an excellent work environment.

Why Integra?

We adopted the name “Integra” both because we integrate multiple disciplines in an interdisciplinary manner, but because we practice integrity in all our endeavors. We know that ethics, transparency, adaptability, communications, and collaborations are the keys to client satisfaction. We are committed to quality control and continuous improvement for all services, processes, products, and deliverables to the Government.


We are committed to helping our customers unlock their potential and increase agility, making their IT investments more flexible and ready for change.

Vision Statement

“To be a leading global enterprise service provider in next-generation information technology solutions and services across all government and commercial sectors.”

Mission Statement

“Business Integra is a global solutions provider of scientific, engineering, information technology, cybersecurity, and mission support services to civilian and military federal government agencies and other vital institutions. We are committed to producing efficient and ethical results that cut costs, reduce risks, secure data, and advance human progress.”

Company Objectives

  • To be current and competitive in all disciplines we pursue.
  • To be a leading participant of the cyber and integrated security of the United States Government.
  • To approach all tasks with ethics, transparency, and excellence.
  • To provide quality control and process improvement in all projects.
  • To provide outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations.
  • To complete all projects and deliverables on time and within budget.


Following a decade of many achievements, Business Integra (BI) has formulated a 10-year strategic roadmap called ‘BI Target: 2022’, which is:

“To be a leading global enterprise service provider in next-generation information technology solutions and services across all government and commercial sectors.”

Our strategy incorporates our guiding principle of placing ethics above profit, which in turn drives our actions, innovations, and results.

Competitive Advantages/Discriminators

It is not just a question of core competencies. BI has them in volumes — in cybersecurity, in integrated security, in Agile application development, in cloud computing, in enterprise architecture, in data analytics and intelligence, in mobile and emerging technologies, and in mission-support services. From placing payload computers on the International Space Station for NASA, to designing mobile apps for Job Corps to reach more underserved young people, to providing procurement services for NATO, to contributing to the cybersecurity of the FAA, and to protecting our men and women who serve in the State Department abroad, BI is selected again and again by government and important institutions for its acumen, its expertise, its innovation, and its determination to provide success on mission-critical projects.

It is that on the one hand, we engage in “cross-pollination.” Our scientists, engineers, security experts, technicians, managers, and business chiefs freely exchange ideas with one another and with our leadership. We engage in peer review — and we are unafraid to challenge one another. We consult with academics and industry leaders. We stay fresh. On the other hand, we are always on the hunt for the best talent — globally. Our “Rapid Recruiting Engine” has a ready-made database of cleared talent and is always adding more. BI instills into its staff its vision of providing ethical, cutting-edge products, services, and solutions that meet challenges, streamline systems, exceed expectations, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and make a difference.

That’s the BI advantage.


An important part of our responsibility is to play an active role in helping to strengthen the quality of life in our country and the communities where we live and work. At BI, we help keep that commitment every day by partnering with organizations to support initiatives and programs that respond in a meaningful way to community needs and priorities. Business Integra supports the following organizations & charitable causes:

  • Wounded Warrior Project: Honors and empowers wounded American military service members.
  • Fisher House – Helping Military Families: Supports America’s military in their time of need.
  • Association of the United States Army: Supports America’s Army (active), National Guard, Reserve, Civilians, Retirees, Government Civilians, Wounded Warriors, Veterans and family members.
  • Global Humanitarian Assistance: Food Aid International  |  Save the Children  |  World Vision