The Team

Prathiba Ramadoss
Founder, President and CEO

Meet the CEO

Ms. Prathiba Ramadoss, Founder, President and CEO of Business Integra, is an award-winning entrepreneur. Her dynamic leadership, adaptive thinking and problem solving over the past 20 years have propelled the company from a niche IT services firm to a large U.S. Federal prime contracting IT powerhouse it is today, with a suite of proven enterprise IT service offerings that continuously enable the critical missions of U.S. Governments and address the range of human capital challenges that public and private corporations face today.

Ms. Ramadoss makes continuous focus and concentration on optimizing corporate resources for attaining optimum success. She strengthens daily corporate culture in collaboration and honest communication with the Government stakeholders and business partners in fostering relationships; building winning strategies; and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners and customers.

Ms. Ramadoss’ greatness lies in her unwavering commitment with innovative adaptiveness to direct, counsel and oversee the corporate executives on business development, capture management, continuous growth and ongoing quality initiatives. Her insight emotional intelligence and in-born leadership have tremendously inspired to make several bold decisions over the years that have changed the company’s course and helped it become, what it is today, a full-scale multi-million dollar corporation with continuous year-to-year profits since the company’s inception.

Ms. Ramadoss holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and has gained enormous IT management expertise, prior to the start of Business Integra. The tremendous growth which Ms. Ramadoss has uniquely presided over can in part be attributed to BI’s adopted business model, which includes continuous innovation in transformation, extensive use of leading-edge IT technologies, advanced scientific concepts and systems engineering methods, adopting best practices/procedures, addressing customer concerns and conducting periodic customer feedback reviews.



Selva Jayaraman - The Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jayaraman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Business Integra. Along with helping his partner, Prathiba Ramadoss, pioneer and transform Business Integra into the full-scale operation it is today, Mr. Jayaraman is primarily responsible for business development. This includes guiding the company towards new projects; broadening BI’s ongoing diversification into federal, state and county information technology (IT) contracts; and ensuring that BI’s clients receive the best possible technical solutions. Mr. Jayaraman has over 28+ years of technical and management experience in multiple IT disciplines and holds both a Bachelor’s in computer science and an Master’s in computer applications.

Sam Arwood – Chief Growth Officer / Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Sam Arwood, Chief Growth Officer / Chief Technical Officer of Business Integra. He is on the forefront of information technology and cybersecurity with a record of leading successful, mission critical projects and teams in the US as well as in international environments. He leverages deep technological expertise with extensive operating experience to drive performance improvements and significant savings in the Air Force and, in the private sector.  Sam is skilled at conducting negotiations to share advanced technology between the US and foreign governments, directing acquisitions involving communications, computers, systems planning, R&D, engineering and international technology transfer control.  His experience base: IT Operations, Cyberwarfare, Electronic Warfare, Software Development, Space System engineering, research, and development, Space Operations/Experiments, DoD Presidential Budgeting, and Doctrine development.

Padma Shinde - Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Shinde serves as Vice President of Finance and Operations for Business Integra. Ms. Shinde is responsible for providing management expertise and solutions in the areas of finance, business development, human resources, legal, contracts and administrative affairs. Ms. Shinde’s integrity and commitment to Business Integra’s success is driven by her passion for providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in uniquely challenging situations. She has over 20 years of successful senior management experience with a strong performance track record in both turnaround management and fast–paced organizations. Mr. Shinde holds a BS in Commerce and an MBA in Accounting and is both a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant.

Roberta Gargan - Vice President Strategic Capture, Proposal Management and Sales Operations

Roberta brings to Business Integra 25+ years of business, capture, and program management excellence, a highly successful win record in capture management roles, and strategic capture leadership experience from Unisys Corporation, TRW/Inacom Corporation and JML Systems Management Inc.

Prior to joining Business Integra, Ms. Gargan served as the Director of Strategic Capture Management for Unisys Federal, where she led and captured large federal opportunities. She also led the Unisys team of senior Capture Managers supporting large Federal complex solution-based business from identification through the full federal capture lifecycle to award. For 10 years at Unisys prior to leading that team, she was a highly successful Capture Manager and Sales Portfolio Executive. Earlier in her career she held leadership positions as a Senior Federal Program Manager for large complex IT infrastructure programs and a management leader for a financial institution operations center.

Roberta brings to BI leadership skills, key industry relationships, expert-level knowledge of the capture lifecycle process, and win strategies.

Trent Martin - Vice President Aerospace, Science, Engineering and Technology Division

Mr. Martin oversees Business Integra’s Houston Operations. With over 20 years in the Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries, Mr. Martin utilizes his extensive Program & Project Management and Engineering Services background to help BI clients manage meet just about any challenge they face. Mr. Martin understands the unique NASA environment having served as an Associate Director of Engineering, Associate Director of Exploration Integration and Science, Branch Chief of a Project Manager group, Project Manager, Manufacturing Manager and Property Manager, with over 10 years of NASA experience. Mr. Martin has worked with all of the NASA centers, NASA Headquarters, U.S. Department of Energy and internationally with over 60 different institutes from 17 different countries. Prior to NASA, Mr. Martin spent many years in both the Oil and Gas and the Aerospace Industries where he honed his engineering, project management and business development skills. Mr. Martin has a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA.

Bernie Thomas - VP of Cyber Security & Innovation

Bernie is an innovation focused security, IT and automation professional specializing in Cyber Security, Fault Tolerance, Intelligence Driven Threat Hunting and Inherently Secure Architectures. He is an advisor to the US and other governments, holds 13 patents in multiple countries, and has served as a Lead Principal Security Architect in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific and South America.

Bernie is multi-lingual, carries a multinational MBA with courses from Harvard, Berkley, Oxford and Ecole Nationale Des Ponts et Chaussées. He is a prolific Global speaker on security, operations and technology with regular engagements at universities, conferences and training events on nearly every continent. Bernie comes from a commercial consulting background rooted in Global Telcom, International Data Center deployments and securing Large Law Firms. He is a Security Subject Matter Expert, an Inventor and Accomplished Delivery Lead.

David Pitts - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

In late 2018, Mr. David Pitts was named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Business Integra. In that capacity, he advises on security matters as it pertains to BI corporate matters, and to other federal contracts, including NASA. He is a true SME of cybersecurity, having earned his M.S. in Information Systems, and certified in Security (CISSP, CSSP), Technology (ITIL), Auditing (GSNA), Privacy (CIPP/G) and Management (CISSP-ISSMP). A true leader, David is one of the leads on our FAA contract, managing the Engineering, Compliance, and Governance Group for the agency which ensures air safety for all Americans. A seasoned executive with over 30 years of IT experience, David has advised multiple state governments on technology and cybersecurity including Indiana, Maryland, Connecticut, and Mississippi. He possesses a broad portfolio of core competencies including program and project management, operating systems, databases, data centers, networks, security tools, business intelligence, SDLC, virtualization, cybersecurity standards and policy, and multiple forms of compliance (RMF, PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc.). He has outstanding speaking, writing, research, and interpersonal skills with nine books published and multiple online publications.