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Overcome M-21-31 challenges and make progress toward Zero Trust Architecture.


Cyber Data Lakehouse

Envision having the ability to map user behaviors to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework across all log data sources, supporting a Zero Trust Architecture aligned with M-21-31 log requirements, retention, and maturity.

Sophisticated nation-state attacks are on the rise… and so is the number and impact of their data breaches.


daily cyber attacks
in 2021*


in fiscal loss
to Americans*

Cyber Data Lakehouse (CDL) Solution Overview

CDL is a mission-driven solution, fitting evolved customer and market needs related to challenges presented by Executive Order 14028, M-21-31 and M-22-09.

Its reference architecture is designed to ingest, load, store, aggregate and enrich Zero Trust logs to visualize threat intelligence. The solution has been vetted and informed by thought leaders across 19+ federal agencies, and can be tailored to suit customer investments and preferences. CDL is a cybersecurity-specific solution built upon a Lakehouse architecture, and uses industry-leading data science platforms for advanced threat detections across all Zero Trust logs.

Cyber Data Lakehouse empowers agencies with a compliant, effective, next-generation cybersecurity solution.

Solution Benefits

Reduced Log Storage Costs

Reduced Log Storage Costs

Centralized and Enriched Telemetry

Centralized & Enriched Telemetry

Zero Trust Automation and Orchestration

Zero Trust Automation & Orchestration

Improved Threat Intelligence

Improved Threat Intelligence

Improved Incident Response Times

Improved Incident Response Times

Faster Data Ingestion at Petabyte Scale

Faster Data Ingestion at Petabyte Scale

Lakehouse is the only technology in 2022 that has sustained its maturation through our Innovation Trigger phase.


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