Trent Martin


Mr. Martin oversees Business Integra’s Houston Operations. With over 20 years in the Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries, Mr. Martin utilizes his extensive Program & Project Management and Engineering Services background to help BI clients manage meet just about any challenge they face. Mr. Martin understands the unique NASA environment having served as an Associate Director of Engineering, Associate Director of Exploration Integration and Science, Branch Chief of a Project Manager group, Project Manager, Manufacturing Manager and Property Manager, with over 10 years of NASA experience. Mr. Martin has worked with all of the NASA centers, NASA Headquarters, U.S. Department of Energy and internationally with over 60 different institutes from 17 different countries. Prior to NASA, Mr. Martin spent many years in both the Oil and Gas and the Aerospace Industries where he honed his engineering, project management and business development skills. Mr. Martin has a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA.