Business Services

Business services support business goals, facilitating profitable company operations through many services like operational management, IT solutions, analytics, and graphic design. These services are especially important for successfully navigating change management projects. As old technologies and processes are improved upon, introducing new solutions requires efficient management and execution to be successful.  Business Integra can provide assistance in many key areas:

Program Management

Program management plays a significant role in ensuring that all projects meet operational, cost, budget, and time-related goals. In a complex business renovation scenario, effective program management can help control and manage cross-dependencies across multiple project implementations. Our consultants, experienced in multiple product implementations, work as program managers for reputable financial and IT service providers around the country. Through these efforts, our practice has built a rich repository of the program-tracking methods, scenarios, and risks inherent within various product implementation projects.

Business Process Management

Business Integra (BI) brings a depth of experience, industry knowledge and flexibility in implementing Business Process Management (BPM) as an “added value” service to our clients in promoting innovation and continuous process improvement combined with our commitment to integrating industry best practices. Our focus is on executing a technically sound solution involving a “holistic management” approach to tailor and align business processes to our client’s specific standards, methodologies and requirements-to promote effectiveness, efficiency while exploiting continuous process improvement, innovation, agility, integration with technology.

Solution Architecture

Business Integra prides itself on being a thought leader in the enterprise architecture arena having provided vital support to major architecture initiatives for high profile clients to include several federal agencies. Since enterprise and solution architecture solutions come in a variety of approaches, our company has modeled our IT architecture offerings around the current needs of the industry. We also make a commitment to each and every current and future client of ours that we will be sure to keep our architecture solutions in alignment with the evolving trends associated with this broad discipline.

Insights and Analytics


Business Integra helps you turn data into insight through applied analytical strategy. We can construct quantitative and measurable methods for understanding the decisions and behaviors of your target market. We can propel you forward. Effective data analysis can improve process, profits, marketing strategy, and other aspects of your business by providing you the facts and examination to take informed action. We can help with:

  • Data Modeling & Segmentation
  • Measurement frameworks
  • Data Structure, Design & Reporting
  • Data Visualization

Business Intelligence

Business Integra provides excellent and efficient Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to meet increasing demand in a competitive market.  Solutions include the development of Data Warehouse architectures and dashboards that have you knowing more about the critical factors of your business, sooner – allowing for a quicker and more informed decision making process.

Staffing Solutions

Identifying and hiring the right people can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but finding the right talent is an imperative aspect to successful business.  Business Integra can help.  As a company specialized in information technology, we have a thorough understanding of what requirements and skills to recruit and assess in a potential candidate. Our on-boarding services will help place the right, qualified professionals into your organization.

  • Recruitment
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Direct Placement

Graphics, Web, Media, and Print Services

Professional and consistent visual communication has become an expectation in today’s age of technology-driven business. It is an essential element in creating effective marketing, branding, and presentations. Our consultants can help your organization exceed market expectation and achieve a competitive advantage through their E-creative and tactical approach to design. Business Integra can help you create a meaningful conversations with customers.